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Fiber Sensor Head Units

Hex-shaped Sensor heads for Easy Mounting, Space-saving with Unbreakable Fiber.

Hex shaped fiber optic sensor head

Hex-shaped Sensor Heads Advantages

• Easy mounting

Secure the unit with a single nut. Your current, standard fiber unit can be replaced without additional preparation or modification.

• Space-saving, trouble-free

All FU-TZ Series fiber units allow neat cable and requires less space for installation. This eliminates problems such as entangled cables.

• Unbreakable fiber

This unbreakable fiber exits form the housing at 90°, like a periscope. This design requires far less space than conventional models. (Patent pending)

Hex shaped series lineup

The New Standard for Thrubeam Fibers

[1] High power
The built-in lens harnesses the high power of the amplifier.

Built-in glass lens

The built-in lens enables the FU-70TZ to harness the high power of the amplifier. This allows for consistently stable detection, even in harsh environments. The built-in lens also eliminates any concerns of the lens coming loose due to vibration.

[2] Enclosure Rating: IP67
The resin-filled structure provides excellent protection against dirt and water.

Protected against intrusion

An epoxy resin fills the stainless steel heads (SUS303) of the FU-70TZ, protecting it against the intrusion of water or dirt. This resin-filled structure also helps the FU-70TZ achieve an IP67 enclosure rating.

[3] Easy to install
The hex-shape design allows for easier installation and also conserves space.

The hex-shaped threaded heads makes installation even easier; since each head can be secured in place using only one nut. The hex-shape also allows the cable to exit the head at a 90 degree angle, effectively conserving space.

[4] Bending radius: 1mm 0.04"
The use of multiple fiber cores allows the bending radius to get as low as 1mm 0.04".

By using multiple fiber cores, the FU-70TZ can reach a bend radius of 1mm 0.04", while still maintaining stable detection.


Checking products as they pass along a conveyor belt in a dusty environment.

Checking washed products as they pass along a conveyor belt.

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