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Separate Amplifier Model, Amplifier Units Expansion unit (Zero Line Type) LR-XN10

LR-XN10 - Separate Amplifier Model, Amplifier Units Expansion unit (Zero Line Type)

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Main Unit/Expansion Unit

Expansion Unit

No. of Control Outputs


No. of External Inputs

Response Time

500 µs*2/1 ms/3 ms/10 ms/200 ms Selectable



Timer Function

Timer OFF/Off-delay/On-delay/One-shot/On-Off delay/On-delay One-shot


Control Output

External Input

Unit Expansion

Up to 8 expansion units possible (including main unit, a total of 9 units connected) However, up to 16-unit expansion is possible when the LR-XN10 is used for expansion with the NU Series.

Protection Circuit

Protection against reverse power connection, protection against output overcurrent, protection against output surge, protection against reverse output connection

Number of Interference Prevention Devices

OFF/4 units/8 units selectable*3

Power supply

Power voltage

16 to 30 VDC*4 (including 10% ripple (P-P) or less), class 2

Power consumption

During normal operation: 1060 mW (44 mA or lower at 24 V, 61 mA or lower at 16 V), ECO ON/ALL: 895 mW (37 mA or lower at 24 V, 50 mA or lower at 16 V)

Environmental resistance

Ambient temperature

−20 to +55°C -4°F to 131°F (no freezing)*5

Relative humidity

35 to 85% RH (no condensation)

Vibration resistance

10 to 500 Hz; Power Spectral Density: 0.816 G2/Hz; X, Y, and Z directions

Shock resistance

500 m/s2 (50G); 3 times each for X, Y, and Z axes

Case Material

Main Unit and Cover: Polycarbonate


Instruction manual


Approx. 21 g

*1 This counts as 1 output when expanding with multiple units to the FS-MC8N/MC8P and NU Series.
*2 If 500 µs is selected, the following limitations apply.
· Only 2-point calibration can be performed.
· The detection range masking is set during calibration. (Manual setting of the masking range is not supported.)
· Output 2 is limited to an alarm output for errors and gyro issues, and standard/area cannot be used.
· The interference prevention function is not supported
*3 Selecting four or eight interference prevention units causes the response time to change as follows: 4 Units selected: 6 ms/18 ms/60 ms/1.2 s selectable; 8 Units selected: 12 ms/36 ms/120 ms/2.4 s selectable.
*4 When expanding the system with 4 or more expansion units, use a power voltage of 20 V or higher.
*5 Expansion by 1 or 2 units: −20 to +55°C -4°F to 131°F; Expansion by 3 to 10 units: -20 to +50°C -4°F to 122°F, Expansion by 11 to 16 units: -20 to +45°C -4°F to 113°F

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