Network Communication Unit

NU series


Compatible sensors are photoelecttric sensor PS-N series, fiber sensor FS-N series and laser sensor LV-N series.

    • Reduced Wiring
    • Remote Access
    • Sensor Input Unit
    • DeviceNetâ„¢ Compatible Network Unit
    • Only a single communication cable is required between the PC/PLC and the NU Series for wiring.

    • Status monitoring, settings changes, and setup backup/recovery can be done via HMI, PLC, or PC.

    • Sensor and switch outputs can be connected with an e-CON (wirepress) connector, making it possible to monitor their ON/OFF status on an HMI, PLC, or PC.


  • PS-N series - Amplifier Separate Type Photoelectric Sensor

    Separate amplifier photoelectric sensors employing a variety of sensor heads; including ultra-thin compact and chemical-resistant variations.

  • FS-N series (FS-neo) - Digital Fiber Optic Sensors

    Amplifier series with simplified operation, digital display, and high power

  • LV-N series - Multi-Purpose Digital Laser Sensor

    Long range & visible beam spot for a wide variety of applications

  • KEYENCE Information Network - Network Communication Unit
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