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          Versatile for use in a wide variety of applications and industries

          [Bowl feeders] Presence/absence confirmation of connectors during parts feeding

          The compact body enables easy installation even in a very narrow space.

          [Electronics] Detecting improper seating of IC chips

          No sensitivity adjustment is required, which allows for quick and simple installation while maintaining completely reliable detection.

          [Electronics] Arrival confirmation of electronic PCBs

          The sensitivity is automatically adjusted according to the light intensity received by the sensor, which reduces the effects of the angle and color of the target, and results in stable operation.

          [Solar] Presence/absence confirmation of solar substrates

          The background suppression function reduces the effects of ambient light, which results in stable detection in all conditions.

          [Packaging] Passing bottle confirmation on side by side conveyors

          Reduced by 81% in size*, the PR-M/F can be installed in extremely narrow spaces.
          *Compared to conventional models

          [Automotive] Presence/absence confirmation on instrument panels

          The equipped background suppression function provides stable detection of components only in the specified operating range, eliminating false detection.

          [Improvement application] Presence/absence detection of handfed parts


          Presence/absence of handfed parts was detected with conventional photoelectric sensors, which interfered with the loading process and resulted in damage.


          The profile of the sensor is greatly reduced, decreasing the potential for interference with the loading process while the stainless steel body resists damage when impact does occur.

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