PZ-G Series Lineup

Thrubeam Type: High Power Breakbeam Sensors

High-power thrubeam PZ-G52

* Compared with our conventional models

Thrubeam Examples:

High-power PZ-G52

Standard PZ-G51

Retro-Reflectve Type: Transparent or Reflective Surfaces

Retro-reflective PZ-G61

Retro-Reflective Examples:

Standard PZ-G61 (with P. R. O. function)

Transparent object detection type PZ-G62

Reflective Type: Diffuse and Definite Reflective Options

Reflective PZ-G41

Reflective Examples:

Diffuse reflective PZ-G41 (long-range)
PZ-G42 (short-range)

Narrow-view reflective type PZ-G101

Definite reflective type PZ-G102