Built-in amplifier photoelectric sensors

PZ-V/M series

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Built-in amplifier photoelectric sensors PZ-V/M series

PZ-V/M series - Built-in amplifier photoelectric sensors

The PZ-V/M Series automatically increases power when dirty, is in a durable resin housing, has background suppression, and is unaffected by color or angle. It has a range of up to 10m (32.8') and offers hard wired, M8 connector, and M12 connector cable options.


  • Detections are unaffected by variations in target color or angle
  • Excellent resistance to dust and dirt
  • One touch, fully automatic calibration
  • Unaffected by highly reflective target backgrounds
  • 40 model variations available including quick disconnect types
  • High-power red LED(Except for PZ-M71/V71)


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