Inductive Gauging Sensor

EX-200 series

This product has been discontinued.

Inductive Gauging Sensor EX-200 series

EX-200 series - Inductive Gauging Sensor

The EX-200 Series offers a response frequency of up to 18 kHz (with the EX-305), allowing measurement of rapidly vibrating targets.


  • Linearity of ± 1% of F.S.
  • High response speed of up to 18 kHz
  • Resolution of 0.04% of F.S.
  • Sensor head housing IP-67 rated


Latest Technology

High-speed Sub-micron Displacement Sensor with 40,000 Samples/sec.

EX-V series - High-speed, High-Accuracy Digital Displacement Inductive Sensor

  • High-speed sampling : 40,000 samples/second
  • High resolution & accuracy due to FLL circuit
  • Automatic Bottom-dead-center measurement mode
  • Automatic Vibration measurement mode
  • Automatic Gap measurement mode
  • 2 color LED digital display for easy setup
  • Environmental resistant IP-67 sensor head

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