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High-speed, High-Accuracy, digital inductive displacement sensors

EX-V series

High Speed Sampling with Linearity Correction

Inductive Displacement Sensor with Sub-micron Resolution and Ultra Fast Sampling Rate

Best-in-its Class Accuracy and High-speed Sampling

The EX-V series combines high-speed sampling with a newly developed linearity correction circuit which results in dramatic performance improvement over conventional eddy current systems.

EX-V Inductive sampling rate

Instantaneous changes can be detected reliably.

The high-speed digital processing circuit allows for accurate detection of real peak (bottom) values that cannot be detected at conventional sampling speeds.

FLL circuit for high accuracy

The FLL (Flat Level Linearization) circuit applies the optimal linearization correction for each individual sensor head. You can achieve the measurement with best-in-its class accuracy with simple setting.

EX-V 3 basic modes for quick operation

EX-V Series bottom-dead-center mode

EX-V Series eccentricity/vibration mode

EX-V Series thickness/gap mode

High-performance & Simple Setup

High-speed, high-accuracy detection allows for 24-hour monitoring of facilities and products, preventing defective products from being produced.

The high-speed, 40,000 samples/second sampling rate will not miss instantaneous changes. Even high-speed production lines or moving objects can be measured accurately and efficiently. The EX-V Series significantly improves the reliability of facility monitoring system by adding more accurate measurement to the rugged design, which is virtually unaffected by harsh environments.

EX-V Series compact, durable sensor head

Small and Highly Resistant Sensor Head (Rated IP-67)

Considering the harsh working environment in most factories, these sensor heads are designed to handle splashing water and oil. In addition, these sensor heads are designed to save space and to allow for easy maintenance.

EX-V Series compact, durable sensor head

Significant Reductions in Cost and Labor Hours at the Touch of a Button

The built-in modes greatly simplify initial setup, saving time and money. There is no need for complicated trigger inputs or timers from a PLC in order to obtain the desired results. With the touch of one button, simply choose from Bottom-Dead-Center, Eccentricity/Vibration, or Thickness/Gap modes depending on your application

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