Ultra-Compact Laser Barcode Reader

BL-600 series

World's Smallest Laser Barcode Reader in its Class

Twice the Range with Excellent Reading Performance

Ultra compact, half the size of standard barcode readers

Ultra compact

Only 1/2 the size of the conventional barcode readers.

Twice the range with excellent reading performance Built-in AGC* & SRC circuits

Using KEYENCE's original AGC circuits for advanced, high-speed performance, the BL-600 offers excellent reading depth and angle characteristics. In addition, the reader includes built-in SRC circuits, which greatly reduce the effects of extraneous reflected light for more reliable and stable reading. *AGC=Auto Gain Control/SRC=Specular Reflection Cancel

The world's first built-in preventive maintenance Built-in PMI* function (patent pending)

Preventive Maintenancet

The BL-600 is the first barcode reader with a built-in PMI function for monitoring and reporting reading performance during operation. By referring to the PMI information, it is possible to quickly detect potential reading error problems. PMI offers a convenient tool for acquiring valuable maintenance information, and for investigating the causes of reading errors. *Preventive Maintenance Information

Test switch & built-in test mode for easy adjustment

Built-in test mode

The test mode allows you to confirm the optimal reading position at the point of installation by simply pressing a button. This valuable feature of the BL-600 results in faster installation and maintenance.

5-bar LED display Indicates reading status to prevent errors

The BL-600 indicates the reading ratio* (decoding rate/100 scans) in real time using a five-bar LED display. Current reading status can be checked at a glance, helping to prevent reading errors before they occur. *Reading ratio can be output to computers.

Ultra high speed of 500 scans/sec and outstanding reading accuracy, even on high-speed lines

Using advanced KEYENCE control technology the BL-600 operates at 500 scans per second, making it the fastest laser barcode reader in its class.

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