Ultra-Compact Digital Barcode Reader

BL-1300 series

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Ultra-Compact Digital Barcode Reader BL-1300 series

BL-1300 series - Ultra-Compact Digital Barcode Reader

The BL-1300 Series ultra-compact digital barcode reader is the first in its class to be designed with a digital processing engine in its small body. This laser barcode reader features high speed, high resolution, and high performance. The high-speed motor and processing engine achieve 1300 scans or decodes per second—the fastest speed in its class—thus making rapid scanning possible even on fast cycle lines. This series also supports reading a narrow bar width as small as 0.08 mm. Noise generated by dirt or blurred marking is corrected to ensure reading of even the faintest codes. Additionally, by adopting a new decode process, this series can use the edge detection function to reliably extract the bars and spaces of challenging codes. The digital correction feature ensures reliable and fast reading of barcodes in any state.


  • Hi Scan Speed: 1300 scans/sec
  • High Resolution: 0.08mm (0.003”)
  • Unmatched reading ability on poor quality codes


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