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          Long Range Laser Barcode Reader

          BL-700 series

          Longest Scanning Range in it's Class

          Raster-scan Reads Barcodes using Multiple Scan Lines

          700 scans per second, the fastest barcode reader in it's class

          The BL-700 Series uses a 32-bit RISC CPU chip, which enables the reader to read bars as narrow as 0.15 mm

          Built-in test switch

          Using the test mode, a user can check the best reading position simply by pressing a button. The decoding ratio per 100 scans is shown as a percentage in real time.

          Durable housing and flexible mounting

          The IP-65-rated magnesium die cast housing provides a sturdy and light-weight construction. Since the cable exits from an angled corner of the housing, extra space needed for the cable or connector is greatly reduced. Mounting can be done without any restrictions on the size of the space.

          Simple, versatile setup program

          An intuitive Windows®-compatible setup program simplifies setup of operating parameters. No more complex, labor-intensive programming.

          Both single-scan and raster-scan types are available

          Single-scan reads barcodes using one scan line. This is the best choice for stable, high-speed production lines.

          Raster-scan reads barcodes using multiple scan lines. This type excels at accurate reading of flawed barcodes, such as those with ink spots or voids.

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