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          Long Range Laser Barcode Reader

          BL-700 series

          Long range, 700 scans/sec., laser type barcode readers with Windows® setup software, offers a reading range of up to 47inches.(1200mm)


          • Smallest laser barcode reader in its class
          • Longest scanning range in its class
          • Scans bars as narrow as 0.15 mm
          • Scan rate of 700 scans per second

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          BL-700 series - Long Range Laser Barcode Reader

          RECOMMENDED Latest Technology

          The first models in this class to use parallel digital processing technology.

          Ultra-Compact Digital Barcode Reader
          BL-1300 series

          • Hi Scan Speed: 1300 scans/sec
          • High Resolution: 0.08mm (0.003”)
          • Unmatched reading ability on poor quality codes

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          BL-1300 series - Ultra-Compact Digital Barcode Reader

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