LED Lighting

CA-D series

Multi-angle Lights (Ring/Square)

CA-DR-M/CA-DQ-M Series

CA-DR-M/CA-DQ-M Series

Camera/ light arrangement

When the light to target distance is far, the multi-angled diffused light is applied across the entire target. This creates a uniform illumination effect without irregularities similar to using a dome light source.

When the light to target distance is short, the light emitted at a shallow angle reflects directly back to the camera. This causes the edges of the target to be highlighted creating an effect similar to using a low angle light source.

High-density mounting of power LEDs

Since LEDs are mounted at high density (narrow pitch), uniform high-intensity light is generated.

Matte-finished diffusion plate

To obtain maximum diffusion effect, the entire area of the diffusion plate has a matte finish.


Inside of a plastic cap

With standard lighting

LED reflection/imprint is seen by camera.

With multi-angle light [Ring]

Multi angle diffused light is radiated around the inner surface to give uniform illumination.

BGA/solder ball inspection

With standard lighting

Due to the differences in solder ball shape and size their appearance is inconsistent.

With multi-angle light [Square]

The multi angle diffused light results in consistent illumination of all the solder balls and an overall brighter image.



Multi angle light intensity distribution (typical)

The above image displays the relative brightness across a 10000 point grid for the CA-DR/DQ Series. Although the intensity varies with each model type, the associated illumination distance and relative brightness across the area are consistent. The brightest areas (shown in red) are considered 100% relative intensity and the dullest areas (shown in green) are considered 0% relative intensity. The images display the intensity differential across the area. By comparing the changes in the intensity differential for different lighting heights (LWD) the ideal lighting range can be realized with the relative brightest points being 100%.

* The above data are representative examples. This is not a guarantee of the product quality.
* LWD is the distance from the illumination to the inspection target.


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