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          LED Lighting

          CA-D series

          • High-Intensity, Large Bar Lights

          High-Intensity, Large Bar Lights

          CA-DBxH Series

          CA-DBxH Series

          Built-in conical reflectors allow LWD of 3000mm (118.11")

          To make a high-output LED light, first, the high-intensity LEDs are positioned in a dense, staggered arrangement. Furthermore, by using conical reflectors, it is possible to make use of all of the light generated by the LEDs. This enables high-intensity lighting with a long LWD, which was difficult with conventional LED lights. Also, a mirror surface finish is applied to the entire lighting area, which enables effective use of the illumination that is reflected inside of the light by the protective cover or diffusion plate. When not using a diffusion plate, light with sufficient brightness can be emitted with an LWD of 3000 mm 118.11.*

          * Confirm in advance whether the light intensity is sufficient for the actual usage environment.

          Using a diffusion plate makes it possible to use the light at a short distance from the target

          Attaching the included diffusion plate to the light makes it possible to use the product as a high-intensity illumination light not only with a long LWD but at a short distance from the target as well. Selecting an optional polarizing diffusion plate makes it possible to use the light even with workpieces such as those that are glossy. The diffusion plate and polarizing diffusion plate have a simple construction that allows it to snap onto the light without the use of any screws to avoid the possibilities of any screws falling into the inspection area.


          Robot picking

          Even when lighting cannot be installed within the movement range of the robot, a wide area can be lit with sufficient brightness.

          Cardboard marking inspection and checking for different types of products

          Even for large cardboard boxes, the wide illuminated range enables stable detections for both marking inspections and inspections for the mixing of different types of products.


          Optional parts

          Polarizing diffusion plate

          A polarizing plate is pasted to the diffusion plate to ensure even polarization.


          Bar light intensity distribution (typical)

          The above image displays the relative brightness across a multiple point grid for the CA-DB Series. Although the intensity varies with each model type, the associated illumination distance and relative brightness across the area are consistent. The brightest areas (shown in red) are considered 100% relative intensity and the dullest areas (shown in green) are considered 0% relative intensity. The images display the intensity differential across the area. By comparing the changes in the intensity differential for different degrees of diffusion, the ideal lighting range can be realized with the relative brightest points being 100%.

          * The above data are representative examples. This is not a guarantee of the product quality.
          * LWD is the distance from the illumination to the measurement target.

          • High-Intensity, Large Bar Lights

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