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Intuitive Vision System

CV-5000 series

Communication Software

Real Time Data Acquisition with PC Simulator

Real time data acquisition with PC simulator

Multi-line data acquisition

KEYENCE unique software packages offer simultaneous real-time data acquisition of both measurement results and captured images from up to 8 controllers. The following versions of CV-H software are available:
1. CV-H1NE – Dedicated data acquisition software for CV-2100
2. CV-H3N – Dedicated data acquisition software for CV-3002/3502 with optional PC Simulator function
3. CV-H5N – Dedicated data acquisition software for CV-5002/5502/5702 with optional PC Simulator function

Data and image collection

Measurement values collected on the CV controller can be output via RS232, Ethernet, or USB. The acquired data can be simultaneously displayed and saved onto an external hard drive. Captured images that are transferred to a PC can be sorted by their OK/NG status based on the measurement results. The images are then displayed in real time and saved to a specified folder.

Transfer and backup programs on a PC

Programs created on the CV controller can be easily transferred and saved on a PC. If the contents of the controller get erased, the saved files can be quickly reloaded to the vision system, reducing downtime. If record keeping is essential, all program properties and settings can be output to an Excel* spreadsheet and saved for future reference.

Advanced data logging

A time-based data log can be set to collect data from various shifts or product runs. Specific pieces of measurement data can also be tied to the corresponding image that was saved on the PC for easy reference. Data can also be output to a pre-existing Excel* spreadsheet, making the CV data simple to integrate into existing reports.
*Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation, U.S.A.

Advanced data logging

Data is both displayed and saved in real time.

CV-H5N PC simulator function

CV simulator

CV simulator

KEYENCE has added the option of remotely programming the CV from a desktop PC. The CV-H5N PC simulator is designed to precisely mimic the operations of the CV-5002/5502/5702 machine vision controllers. All that is needed is a .bmp or .jpg image and it is ready to program!
• Choose to program/troubleshoot directly online (CV controller) or remotely (PC Simulator), providing optimal flexibility
• Transfer programs & images in real time to make remote, offline modifications to an existing CV-5000 Series controller
• Manage CV programs from anywhere in the world!

Both software tools in one package

Operations with data collection and PC simulator

Both software tools in one package

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