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          VHX-7000 series - Digital Microscope

          4K High Accuracy digital microscope capable of capturing high resolution images and measurement data for inspection and failure analysis, at the push of a button.

          BT-A700 series - Handheld Mobile Computer

          This product is a full-range mobile computer that provides instant reading at any range. Its incredibly wide range of 1 inch to 30 feet and high-speed reading lead to major improvements in work efficiency.

          XG-X series - Customizable Vision System

          Flexible programming interface with 3D and linescan capabilities for high-quality, high-speed inspection and control.

          Featured Shows

          May 20, 2019
          • Micro Flow Monitoring
          • Advanced Detection Techniques That Are Only Possible with an IV-HG Vision Sensor
          • Simplify Complex Measurements
          • 2D Code Guidebook
          • Electric Vehicle Laser Marking Applications
          • Monitor Thickness of Sheets, Film, and Glass Inline
          • Automate a Wide Range of Inspections Using NEW Lighting!
          • How Can You Improve Your Quality, Cost, and Delivery Strategies?
          May 13, 2019
          • Multi-Spectrum Vision System Solves Inspection Problems
          • Maximize the Use of Digital Microscopes
          • Superior Safety Scanning
          • Extraordinary Detection and Contact Durability
          • Easy-to-Use Handheld DPM Code Reader
          • Shop Floor Checks
          • A Laser Marker with a Built-in Camera?
          • Laser Profile Sensor Application Guide
          May 06, 2019
          • Improve Distribution Center Efficiency
          • Instant Measurement on All Applications
          • Inkjet Coder Buyer's Guide
          • A Sensor Fit for Prototyping or Mass Production
          • Brand New Intuitive Vision System
          • Understand the Benefits of Measuring 3D Surface Topography
          • Versatile Tank Monitoring
          • The New Standard for Good VS Bad

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          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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