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MD-U series - 3-Axis UV Laser Marker

For all applications that require marking, processing, and high contrast while minimizing product damage

FS-N40 series - Digital Fiber Optic Sensors

Latest generation amplifier, descriptive OLED display, smart fiber technology, high power, and much more

VK-X series - 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope

Non-contact 3D metrology system performs nanometer level profile, roughness and thickness measurements on nearly any material.

Featured Shows

February 26, 2018
  • Improve Your Bottom Line with Digital Microscopes
  • Unique Laser Marker Functions for Higher Productivity
  • New Product: Multi-Spectrum Vision System
  • Clamp-On Liquid Flow Meter
  • Traceability for Vision System Inspections
  • Major Stocktaking Improvements with Handheld Mobile Computers
  • A CMM for Machinists
  • Industrial Inkjet Printer FAQ's
  • Instant Measurement & Automatic Data Collection
  • How to Perform Thickness Measurements Rapidly and Accurately
  • Static Elimination in the Electronics Industry
  • 3D Analysis on Threads
February 13, 2018
  • [NEW!] Superior 3-Axis CO2 Laser Marker
  • Dimensional Measurement with Microscopes
  • PROFIsafe & PROFINET Equipped Safety Scanner
  • Unique Inspection Tips from Vision System Experts
  • Barcode Readers in the Automotive Industry
  • [NEW!] The Machinist's CMM
  • What Are the 5 Points for Preventing Defective Printing?
  • Customer Insight on Implementing an Automated Comparator
  • Why Select Laser Profile Measurement Systems for Inline Inspection?
  • Detect Defective Parts Quicker
  • Understanding ISO 25178: Introduction to Surface Roughness
  • Line Scan Cameras - High-Resolution Inspection, Up to 67 Megapixel
January 29, 2018
  • [NEW] Multi-Spectrum Vision System
  • Upgrade your Contact Profiler
  • Redefine your Inspection Process with a Digital Microscope
  • Eliminate Careless Mistakes with Handheld Mobile Computers
  • 3 Benefits of a Portable CMM
  • Full Traceability Solutions for your Inkjet Coder
  • Reduce Part Inspection Time
  • Laser Profile Sensor Application Guide
  • Identify Issues Before They Cost You Money
  • Interactive Safety Light Curtain Selection Site
  • 3D Vision Inspection with Pattern Projection
  • Learn the Benefits of Switching to Laser Processing

Technical E-news

Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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