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Are You Happy with Your Barcode Reading Rates?

December, 2020

Whether you are in factory automation or logistics and distribution, reading barcodes at high speeds can be a challenge. High speed and large volume production comes at a great risk when using the improper equipment. Current industry standard barcode readers need to read quickly with large fields of view that accommodate many different package configurations. Often times, these applications require multiple readers to suffice all of those requirements. If you find yourself struggling to achieve the read rates that your production requires, even with multiple reader setups, look no further. KEYENCE's NEW SR-5000 Series barcode readers are the most capable barcode reading solutions on the planet today and push code reading standards into the future.

With ultra-high resolution cameras, the SR-5000 Series provides industry leading code reading capabilities, allowing you to read faster, further and wider than ever before.

Ultra-Wide FOV and Ultra-Long Reading Depth

Due to its large depth of field lens, the SR-5000 Series can handle packages of any size or shape thrown at it. Tall, short, long, flat, or misaligned packages are all read just the same. The fields of view given from just one SR-5000 easily quintuples the amount of reading area provided from conventional barcode readers.

Ultra-High Speed

A high-powered CMOS sensor, performance image processing CPU, and massive array of high-intensity LEDs take the SR-5000 to the next-level of high speed code reading. More codes read = more product out of the door for you.

Easy Installation and Operation

A single SR-5000 can cover the area several readers would be needed for. Its large fields of view make costly and multiple-unit systems a thing of the past. Setup is simple and quick with no added cost for additional software.

The NEW SR-5000 Series is packed with technological advancements that provide a barcode reading solution that aims at disrupting the industry standard in code reading. All three readers in the series are equipped with high-resolution cameras and robust processors that provide unparalleled reading performance with less readers. As always, KEYENCE offers direct support and an unrivaled logistics pipeline which yields immediate support and shipping so that your production never has to stop. Schedule an in-person or virtual demo of the SR-5000 today!

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