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Basics - Micrometers

August, 2020

Are you looking to learn the micrometer basics, including capabilities, advantages, best practices and next-generation functions? Our free metrology resource site offers fundamental knowledge related to dimensional measurement instruments, environment requirements, selecting the right tool for the job, and various inspection processes.


1 Overview

What is a micrometer? A micrometer is a tool that measures the size of a target by enclosing it. In general, the term "micrometer" refers to outside micrometers. A variety of other types of micrometers also exist according to different measurement applications. Examples include inside micrometers, bore micrometers, tube micrometers, and depth micrometers. Commonly used with other hand tools such as calipers, and height gages.

2 Capabilities and Advantages

Micrometers allow for two-dimensional inspection of parts. Measurements include lengths, widths, and diameters.
Micrometers have the advantage of being a easy-to-use and portable.

3 Core Technology

Learn about the core techology that drives these tools, and the next-generation micrometers using the principals of these tools in new ways to bring added-value to production and quality inspection.

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