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Basics - Optical Comparator

July, 2020

Are you looking to learn optical comparator basics, including capabilities, advantages, best practices and next-generation functions? Our free metrology resource site offers fundamental knowledge related to dimensional measurement instruments, environment requirements, selecting the right tool for the job, and various inspection processes.


1 Overview

What is an optical comparator? Also referred to as a profile projector or shadowgraph. An optical comparator is an inspection tool that applies the principles of optics to the inspection of manufactured parts. The magnified silhouette of a part is projected upon the screen, and the dimensions and geometry of the part are measured against design tolerances.

2 Capabilities and Advantages

Optical comparators allow for two-dimensional inspection of parts. Measurements include lengths, angles, diameters, and provides the data for GD&T measurements. Optical comparators have the advantage of being a non-contact inspection system that doesn't skew measurement of flexible parts or damage sensitive parts.

Optical comparator

3 Core Technology

Learn about the core technology that drives these tools, and the next-generation optical comparators using the principals of these tools in new ways to bring added-value to production and quality inspection.

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