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Compact & Mobile vs. Oversized & Stationary

August, 2019

What if there was a system that allowed you to take measurements on the shop floor without needing to take the part to the quality lab? Imagine a clean, open work space that eliminates large systems. Now this is all possible with the XM compact CMM. Not only can you measure a wide variety of parts but you can measure parts anywhere at anytime. If you find yourself receiving inaccurate measurements because your machine requires practice or because your machine requires a special operator then look no further. To determine the best CMM, we're going to compare "compact & mobile vs oversized & stationary" CMMs.

Anyone Can Measure Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

1 Compact Design

The compact design allows the device to be placed next to machines on the production floor, in the office, or wherever it is needed. Bottlenecks caused by time and labor spent transporting parts to a quality lab are eliminated. No need for a quality lab, the XM Series is portable throughout almost any environment. No set-up or installation costs, it's calibrated and ready to measure in just a few minutes. This allows the XM to be a turnkey, shop-floor-ready system right out of the box.

2 Easy-to-Understand 3D Measurement

Between augmented reality and simple tools, measurements can be easily made without detailed measurement knowledge. In addition, the images can be used on inspection reports so it’s clear where and how a part was measured. You can freely approach parts from any angle with the handheld probe as long as it's within the camera’s field of view. This all eliminates the need for lengthy and complex CMM operator training - it's like your operators have calipers that can take 3D/GD&T measurements, that also generate reports.

3 Cost Effective

The XM Series is a no cost of ownership system. With no moving mechanical parts, there's no required maintentance or calibration costs associated to the unit. Beyond the system itself, Keyence provides training, support, and system software upgrades.

Being able to measure anything, anywhere, anytime is not only convenient but efficient. In this article we discussed the many ways the XM can accompany or replace the traditional CMM. When considering any other alternative you have to ask yourself a few simple questions: Does my current CMM have the capability to be mobile? Do I have to have a quality lab? Can anyone use my current CMM? As always, the best thing to do is to evaluate your needs and choose a product that best suits them. If your answer is no to one or more of these questions, then KEYENCE's XM series CMM's should be on your radar as your next CMM option.