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Handheld CMM Gets a Major Hardware Upgrade

November, 2020

The XM Series is a handheld coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that lets anyone easily measure 3D/GD&T features with a measurement area for up to 3' parts with a unique rotational XΘ stage to easily approach parts without having to move and refixture the piece. The system is portable and shop floor ready, so measurements can be taken in any location. The unit also automatically records measurement data and creates detailed inspection reports. Our latest XM-2000 model features hardware improvements to allow for even greater accuracy!

New Features

1 Free-Angle Probe

The XM-2000's new CMM probe was designed with ease and accuracy in mind. KEYENCE achieved greater stability in measurement accuracy by placing the infrared markers into three rows at three different heights along the probe. The ergonomically designed grip and integrated construction allows for optimal positioning and part contact pressure.

2 Temperature Compensation Function

The XM-2000 includes a new temperature compensation function that ensures measurement targets are measured under the same conditions, just like a climate-controlled quality lab, even if the ambient temperature is not constant.

3 Free-Form 3D CAD Export

The XM-2000 can measure and output 3D CAD data, even curved objects simply by touching the probe to the part. The system uses coordinate measuring machine (CMM) probe tracing to create a point cloud that is available for free-form export on top of 2D and 3D CAD elements such as planes, lines, circles and cylinders.

4 Tutorial Function

The tutorial function provides easy-to-understand measurement instructions with images. This allows even first-time coordinate measuring machine (CMM) users to check measurement methods without having to reference a manual. Combined with the on-screen visual guidance, it makes the XM Series the easiest to use CMM in the world.

The XM-2000 handheld coordinate measuring machine was designed to make 3D/GD&T measurement even easier for anyone, anywhere in the facility. The portable, benchtop XM Series bridges the gap between hand tools and CMMs to streamline measurement, reduce bottlenecks and increase production.