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Minimum vs. Maximum Value: Getting the Most Out of Your Code Reader

August, 2019

Inefficient barcode readers can leave the door open for major losses to occur. Adding the cost of production line stoppages, longer labor hours and product loss is enough to consider a more efficient option. Have you been experiencing issues with reading performance, reading area, moving codes, label inspections or reading responsiveness? If you are, others are having the same experiences as you. That's why KEYENCE has developed a barcode reader designed to counteract these common problems. Barcode readers are essential to warehouse productivity. That's why we have compiled four of the best ways to maximize and add value with your barcode reader.

Four of the best ways to maximize and add value with your code reader

1 Subpar Reading Performance

Are you noticing that you're having issues with reading performance? You may be experiencing faint print, smudged ink or maybe you're using film or laminated materials. These problems can dramatically slow down your line or even worse, stop it all together. The SR Series effectively resolves these common issues and as a result increases productivity, prevents line stoppages and reduces product loss.

2 Inconsistent Reading Areas

If you're starting to see that products consistently need to be reoriented or label placement locations are inconsistent, the SR's ultra-wide field of view can help eliminate those concerns. With this feature, the SR can streamline your production line, shorten setup time and increase labor efficiency dramatically.

3 Having Trouble with Moving Codes?

Moving barcodes are a common issue for most code readers. This requires increased setup and adjustment time, which increases work hours. Other issues that result from moving barcodes include difficulty scanning barcodes from an angle and barcodes positioned too low to read. The SR's stable reading function can help eliminate these problems.

4 Hard Time Inspecting Labels?

Do you have to use a separate visual inspection camera to check positioning? Maybe you've had to cross-check product and packaging codes. If so, the SR's convenient inspection functions can help. With convenient inspection, these issues can easily be resolved.

Efficient barcode reading in your facility is a must. It eliminates costly errors that can create massive losses. When considering any other alternative, you have to ask four simple questions: Can my current barcode reader provide excellent reading performance? Does my current barcode reader read consistently? Does my barcode reader read moving codes easily? Can my current barcode reader inspect codes seamlessly? As always, the best thing to do is to evaluate your needs and choose a product that best suits them. If your answer is no to one or more of these questions, then KEYENCE's SR Series barcode readers should be on your radar as your next barcode reader option.