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New Approach to Cost Reduction in Manufacturing

September, 2020

When a facility has done seemingly everything to reduce costs, what is the next move? A new kind of "smart-tool” from KEYENCE is making different cost reduction avenues possible by addressing one of the most costly parts of a facility’s energy bill – air compressor usage.

How a New Tool is Creating Cost Saving Opportunities

1 What is this Tool?

This “tool” is the FD-G Series - a compressed air flow meter. The flow meter clamps to the outside of a pipe and calculates an air usage baseline, providing groundbreaking information for facilities to discover, quantify, and prevent issues such as overuse of compressors and unaddressed leaks. Ultimately, this creates the potential for significant cost and energy savings.

2 Why Users Care

As those in charge of manufacturing facilities are well aware, compressor usage is one of the highest contributors to costly energy bills. Sadly, most facilities do not understand how much air is required on a regular basis, and therefore, run multiple compressors continuously to make sure there is always enough. Now, with the FD-G Series, it is possible to determine a baseline for how much air your facility truly needs by monitoring overall usage after the receiver tank. Optimizing compressor usage and addressing any newly discovered pipe leaks can lead to cost savings in the tens of thousands of dollars in electricity bills.

3 How to Implement

Unlike other air flow meters where cutting the pipe or drilling holes into the pipe is necessary, the FD-G Series is completely non-invasive. The innovative clamp-on design eliminates the need for a shutdown and does not introduce any new possible leak points. Compatible applications include compressed air and other compressed gases for metal pipes ranging from ¾” to 8” in size.

4 Use Case

In one situation, a facility used the FD-G Series for only 4 days before finding improvement points. By monitoring air consumption at the machine level, this facility was able to understand that one specific part of the plant, with older equipment, was consuming a comparatively higher amount of air due to leaks. They replaced gaskets, valves, seals, and pneumatics where necessary. Instantly, a reduction in air usage occurred and now the FD-G Series has already paid for itself several times over.

The FD-G Series has created a way to understand compressed air usage facility-wide to identify energy saving opportunities. Now, manufacturing facilities can be empowered with this tool to be more green, profit focused, and efficient with their energy.

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