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The 3 Most Important Reasons You Should Care About Static Electricity on Your Production Line

February, 2020

Static electricity is everywhere. Anywhere there is physical contact between two objects, static charge will build up. Even if it can't be seen, this static charge is there and can cause problems for your process. These problems can range from the minor, like annoying shocks or products sticking together, to the catastrophic, such as components being destroyed. Static buildup on a process may not be immediately obvious but tiny changes can make a small static problem into a large one!

No matter the process, if there is physical contact between two objects, there is a static problem waiting to happen.

Three Reasons to Care About Static Electricity on Your Line

1 Operator Pain

Everyone has reached out to grab something and felt the pain of a static shock. A minor zap is just an irritation but as the difference in voltage between you and your target increases, that zap can become a full-blown shock! For operators, particularly those working with plastics, fast-moving paper, or other insulators, these static shocks are often a painful constant of their work day. With enough voltage, these static shocks can become dangerous, causing numbness in the entire hand! Applying a static eliminator to the production line can reduce or eliminate these shocks, keeping operators safe!

2 Defects Caused By Debris Adhesion

Two objects of opposite charge are attracted to each other. This includes when something is charged by static. Just like hair attracted to a balloon, charged objects on your production line will attract dust and debris from the surrounding environment! This unwanted contaminant can cause a large number of problems. For the packaging industry, dust and dirt in food containers can contaminate the product, making it unusable! When printing or painting, the contaminants can cause defects in the application of the ink. Using a static eliminator will prevent the Adhesion of debris, and remove contaminants from your process.

3 Destruction of Electronic Parts

When a person receives a static shock, the result is pain and surprise. However, when a static shock occurs on an electronic component such as a circuit board, the part can be permanently destroyed. At the point of contact of a static shock the temperature can reach up to 5000 degrees F! Although the heat quickly dissipates, the burst of heat is enough to melt any metal components through which the voltage flows. Applying static eliminators to remove the static charge on electronic components is vital in preventing part destruction.

If you are experiencing any of these or other static related problems, there are a number of static-eliminating solutions that can help. Production changes, such as applying anti-static spray or controlling humidity, can help reduce the amount of static in your facility, but the only way to truly eliminate static is to use static eliminators. KEYENCE SJ-Series static eliminators come in several different models, allowing for a customized static solution no matter the situation! For more information, download the catalog below or call us at 1-888-Keyence to schedule a free static consultation.