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Why Companies Are Switching To Laser Marking (and Why You Should Consider It Too)

July, 2019

Are you currently using any of the following methods: hand engraving, stamp engraving, roll marking, pin marking (dot peen), electric engraving or standard infrared wavelength lasers? If you are, you're not alone. At one time, methods like these were the best the industry had to offer. In fact, they could have been even viewed as revolutionary, but seriously it's 2019 and times have changed drastically. UV Laser Marking has quickly become the method of choice for almost every industry where marking on a variety of surfaces is required. Don't worry, if you're still on the fence about which method to use we've prepared a list of reasons why companies are switching from engraving or standard wavelength lasers to UV Laser Marking and why you should consider making the switch.

Why companies are switching from outdated methods to Laser Markers.

1 High-contrast marking on a wide range of materials

As regulations surrounding the handling of pharmaceuticals have been tightened, there has also been an increase in companies switching from ink-based printing methods to laser marking methods.
However, because only a limited number of materials are compatible with conventional standard wavelength laser markers, its introduction has been limited.
Because the light absorption rate of UV lasers is high for all materials, vivid markings can be made on a wide variety of targets.

2 Minimizes heat damage to the product

Defects that occur through heat damage such as pinholes must be prevented in packaging that contains products that go into the mouth, such as food and pharmaceuticals, so quality control is very strict.
The absorption rate for UV lasers is high for all materials, so this reduces the penetration of the laser light into the back of the film and minimizes the etched depth.

3 Marking that Minimizes Dust and Odorous Gases

Conventionally, using CO2 lasers to mark cartons produces dust and odorous gases which are bad for the work environment.
A UV laser can mark without applying heat, so this helps to reduce dust and the release of odorous gases..

4 Multi-Function Camera Built Into Laser Head

  • Auto-focus function
  • Target position confirmation function
  • Marking confirmation function
  • Built-in 2D code reader

5 A Wide Variety of Useful Features

  • 3-Axis control
  • Digital scanners for high-speed marking
  • Long service life
  • Thermopile power monitor

UV Laser Marking provides an added level of flexibility and precision. When considering any other alternative you have to ask three simple questions: Can my current marking tool provide high contrast marking on any surface? Does my current marking tool come equipped with a built-in multi-function camera? Am I using a product that has 3-axis contol, a digital scanner and is built to last with industry leading service life? As always, the best thing to do is to evaluate your needs and choose a product that best suits them. If your answer is no to one or more of these questions, then KEYENCE's MD-U Laser Marker should be on your radar as your next laser marking option.