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High speed counter unit KV-SSC02

KV-SSC02 - High speed counter unit

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High-speed counter unit

Input frequency

Single phase 4 MHz (16 MHz during 2-phase, 4-multiplication)

Counting range

32 bits

Number of channels

2 ch


Input selection

External terminal (CH0, CH1), internal clock (0.05 μs, 1 μs, 10 μs, 100 μs), other CH coincidence output, communication: EnDat2.2/22, BiSS (C-mode), YASKAWA serial

Input mode

1-pulse with/without direction, 2-pulse addition/subtraction operation, 2-phase 1-multiplication/2-multiplication/4-multiplication

Counting operation mode

• Up-down counting mode • Enable counting mode • Preset counting mode • Set timer counting mode • Enable accumulative counting mode

Counting mode

Linear, ring

Frequency, revolution counter operation mode

• Frequency counting mode • Revolution counter B mode (1-revolution time measurement) • Revolution counter A mode (pulse interval measurement)


Count input

A-phase/B-phase/Z-phase (preset), 3 points for each channel, 6 points in total
5/12/24 VDC input possible, line driver input possible, photocoupler insulation

Control input

Enable (also used for input capture) input, 1 point for each channel, 2 points in total
12 to 24 VDC input possible, photocoupler insulation
Input capture input, 2 points for each (4 points in total)
12 to 24 VDC input possible, photocoupler insulation


Comparator coincidence output

2 points for each channel, 4 points in total, photocoupler insulation
Rated load: 30 VDC, 0.2 A or less

Input capture function

By external input (max. 4 points)

Buffering function

Buffering period: 1 μs or more

Input filter function

Input time constant switching (6 types of counting/9 types of control)

Preset function

Possible to select from preset (Z-phase) input and internal relay-based rising edge/falling edge/level (only when an external input is used)

Serial encoder communication function

Supported encoder

Absolute encoders that support EnDat2.2/22, BiSS (C-mode), and YASKAWA serial

Communication cycle

EnDat2.2/22: 50 μs, BiSS (C-mode): 50 μs, YASKAWA serial: 62.5 μs


Equivalent to a differential line receiver that meets the EIA RS485 standard


Equivalent to a differential line driver that meets the EIA RS485 standard

Encoder 5 V power

5 VDC (±5%), 300 mA or less


Unit interrupt, inter-unit synchronization

Internal current consumption

190 mA or less


Approx. 130 g

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