Multi-input Data Logger NR-500 series

NR-500 series - Multi-input Data Logger

The NR-500 Series is a multi-input data logger that can be connected directly to a PC. At just 20.5 mm (0.81 inch) wide and weighing just 110 g (3.88 oz), this ultra-compact and lightweight device is easy to use. Both the smallest and lightest in its class, the NR-500 Series is highly portable and can be installed even with limited space. It can also be easily combined with other measurement units as needed for high-speed, high-accuracy measurement across the desired number of channels. Unlike conventional data loggers, the NR-500 Series was designed with PC compatibility and simplified settings and operations in mind. With simple and speedy three-step operation—connecting to a PC, configuring the collection unit, and analyzing the data—work efficiency before, during, and after data collection can be significantly improved.


  • “Convenient measurement in any environment” with the smallest and lightest data logger in its class
  • Support for 7 types of data—analog current/voltage, temperature, strain, acceleration, pulse, and CAN—with a single device


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Easy to Use, Even the First Time

NR-X series - Multi-input Data Logger

  • Wide variety of measurements from a single device
  • Easily transportable
  • Simplified wiring for simplified wiring work
  • Intuitive operation with carefully designed software

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