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Telecentric Green Laser Marker

MD-T series

Software - Marking Builder 2 “Ver. 3”

Cutting-edge editing software

"Quick" positioning that anyone can program

Camera view layout

Easy capture with a single button

Installation position adjustment

Easily correct position misalignment during setup.

A function that corrects position misalignment during device setup. In addition to direct input of the amount of misalignment, adjustment is possible with only 2 specified coordinates using the built-in camera.

Target position adjustment

Eliminate miss-alignment of the target during setup.

Just select any 2 points while viewing the target in the camera. Correct the targets angular position with ease.

Area point correction

High-accuracy correction to match installation criteria.

Easy calibration is possible using a glass scale to ensure that your marks fit your production needs down to micron accuracy.

"Optimal" conditions that anyone program

Sample marking function

"Optimal" conditions that anyone program

Quality adjustment level

Quality adjustment level

Previously, in order to mark with "greater speed and greater clarity", fine adjustment for a variety of parameters was required. With the MD-T, the best conditions can easily be derived just by selecting the quality level.

Logo designer *optional

Logo designer

Convert DXF and AI files and create a variety of fill patterns using the MB-HLD software package. It also allows for manipulation of files not possible by standard software packages. Find optimal condition settings to match any target.

Marking condition clipboard

Marking condition clipboard

Conditions that are often used are registered as favorites in the clipboard. Marking condition data can be managed in desired categories, such as separating the conditions by material.

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