High-Accuracy Digital Contact Sensor

GT2 series

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Extension Board for GT2-100P GT2-E3P

GT2-E3P - Extension Board for GT2-100P

  • CE Marking




Mounting method

Installed into GT2-100N/100P (up to 3 boards)


PNP output

Main unit/expansion unit


Power supply voltage

Supplied from GT2-100N/100P

Power consumption


4,200 mW max. (30 V, 140 mA max.)*1

Power saving (Eco)

4,000 mW max. (30 V, 133.3 mA max.)

Display power

Measured value display


Other displays

Display range

Display resolution

Sampling rate

1,000 times/sec.

Control input

reset/bank input

No-voltage input

Control output


PNP open collector, 30 V 50 mA or less*2, residual voltage 1 V or less

Response time

hsp (3 ms), 5 ms, 10 ms, 100 ms, 500 ms, 1 s

Environmental resistance

Ambient temperature

-10 to +50 °C 14 to 122 °F (No freezing)

Relative humidity

35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)

Vibration resistance

10 to 55 Hz, Double amplitude 1.5 mm 0.06", 2 hours in each of the X, Y, and Z directions


Main body case: Polycarbonate, Key top: Polyacetal, Front sheet: PET

Power supply/I/O cable

I/O: 30-pin connector (MIL standard)


Approx. 80 g

*1 For GT2-100 Series, when the maximum number of sensor heads are connected and all units are set to power saving mode.
*2 When 2 or more sensor heads are connected, 20 mA or less.

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