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          High-Accuracy Digital Contact Sensor

          GT2 series

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          Achieve a high degree of measurement stability, even in oily environments


          IP67G oil-resistant design for measurement in machine processing and other oily environments

          The sensor head - including the connector and cable section - are IP67G and NEMA Type 13 compliant. This means that stable measurement is achieved even in harsh environments containing splashing water or oil. In order to improve robustness - a common problem with contact sensors - careful attention was paid to the structure of the sensor body. The design incorporates a high-strength linear ball bearing and seamless body for additional durability. In addition, the reduced weight of the spindle means minimal wear from friction and significantly improved durability. These design improvements reduce maintenance and equipment downtime.

          Disc assembly inspection

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          Choose from 29 different head variations

          The GT2 Series is available in a wide range of heads, including pencil, air, and low-speed pressure types. Choose a design most suitable for the application.

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          Select from a variety of communication methods for easy integration

          With an increased focus on traceability and IoT, the need to record values is becoming ever more pressing. KEYENCE sensors include a varied lineup of communication units capable of communicating with PCs and PLCs from various manufacturers. Simplified amplifier wiring makes it possible to greatly reduce wiring work.

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          [Camshaft runout measurement] [Chassis frame warpage inspection] [Wafer thickness measurement] [Product chucking confirmation]


          The GT2 series can be used with dedicated communication units that allow connection with various PLCs.

          [Easy to get any data, Easy to change the settings] Network Communication Unit DL series

          The GT2 can also directly connect via USB to your inspection line's PC for real-time measurement and inspection.

          [Easy direct connection to a PC via USB] Learn More


          • DL series - Network Communication Unit

            Compatible sensors are contact sensor GT2 series , laser sensor IL , IG and IB series, electrostatic static SK series.

          • IX series - Image-Based Laser Sensor

            Image-Based Laser Sensor for Accurate Height Confirmation Even With Misaligned Targets

          • IL series - CMOS Multi-Function Analog Laser Sensor

            A Variety of Uses at Low Cost, Compact and Lightweight Laser Displacement Sensor

          • IV2 series - Vision Sensor with Built-in AI

            Achieve unmatched stability by utilizing an intuitive artificial intelligence algorithm. No vision programming knowledge required for stable results.

          • IV series - Vision Sensor

            Difficult applications that formerly required multiple conventional photoelectric sensors or proximity sensors can now be tackled easily and at low cost with one IV Series vision sensor.

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