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Confocal Displacement SensorCL-3000 series

EtherCAT Unit



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EtherCAT communication specifications

Conforming standard

IEEE802.3u (100BASE-TX)*1

Communication speed

100 Mbps (100BASE-TX)*1

Communication period

Shortest 125 µs*1

Connection cable

STP/UTP cable, category 5e or above*1

Inter-node distance

100 m 328.1'*1

Communications port

RJ45 × 2*1

Supported functions

Process Data Object (PDO)
communication (Cyclic communication:
Process data communication)
Service Data Object (SDO) communication
(Non-cyclic communication: Mailbox
Distributed Clock
Explicit Device Identification*1

Environmental resistance

Ambient temperature

0 to 50°C 32 to 122°F

Relative humidity

20% RH to 85% RH (no condensation)


Approx. 330 g

*1 Cannot be used when using EtherNet/IP, PROFINET or PLC Link. • Cannot be used simultaneously with an encoder unit.

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