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          Surface Scanning Laser Confocal Displacement Meter

          LT-9000 series

          • X-Axis Surface Scanning

          X-Axis Surface Scanning

          Wide Scanning Feature Increases Measurement Stability and Versatility

          Wide, x axis scanning for improved stability

          Wide Scanning Enables Various Measurements

          The 0.08 Mil (2-μm) laser beam spot can be scanned horizontally for up to 44 Mil (1100 μm) by using the high-accuracy oscillating mechanism. This new scanning method enables measurements of profile, angle, and area.

          Easily adjustable width according to your application

          Adjustable Scanning Width According to the Application

          The scanning width of the laser beam can be changed freely according to the application and the surface condition of the target. In addition, highly stable displacement measurements are ensured by calculating the scanning data.

          • X-Axis Surface Scanning

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