Micro-head Spectral-interference Laser Displacement Meter

SI-F series

Intelligent Controller

Intelligent controller offering convenience and ease of use

Simultaneous Control of up to Six Heads

By connecting expansion controllers to the main controller, up to six heads can be used simultaneously for measurement.

Simultaneous Control of up to Six Heads

All-head simultaneous measurement

All-head simultaneous measurement

Multiple heads are synchronized to achieve simultaneous measurement. These can be used to make simultaneous measurements at multiple points on a moving object and high-accuracy measurements for an object placed between sensor heads.


Measurement values from multiple heads can be instantly calculated. Simple settings enable the controller to perform complex calculations.

[Measuring a step height relative to a reference point]
The difference in height between each measurement point and the reference point is obtained.

Measuring a step height relative to a reference point

Measurement value 1 = A - B,
Measurement value 2 = A - C,
Measurement value 3 = A - D, ...

[Measuring relative differences]
Differences in relative distances between specific sensor heads and a target are measured.

Measuring relative differences

Measurement value 1 = A - B,
Measurement value 2 = B - C,
Measurement value 3 = A - C, ...

[Measurement of flatness]
The difference between the maximum and minimum of all the measured values is obtained.

Measurement of flatness

Measurement value 1 =
MAX (A, B, C, ...) - MIN (A, B, C, ...) ...

[Measuring warpage]
The warpage at specified measurement points is obtained.

Measuring warpage

Measurement value 1 = B - (A + C)/2 ...

[Measuring the thicknesses of multiple points]
Pairs of heads are used to measure the thicknesses at multiple points.

Measuring the thicknesses of multiple points

Measurement value 1 = X - (A + B),
Measurement value 2 = Y - (C + D),
Measurement value 3 = Z - (E + F), ...

[Measuring the average height]
The average height of the surface is obtained for specified measurement points on the surface.

Measuring the average height

Measurement value 1 = Ave (A, B, C, ...), ...

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