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CT (external current sensor) 50 A (Small) MP-FEC50M

MP-FEC50M - CT (external current sensor) 50 A (Small)

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  • CE Marking
  • CSA




Primary-side rated current (In)

50 A

Over current withstand capability

1.2 times the primary-side rated current (can be applied consecutively)

Max. connectable is correct wire diameter

ø10 0.39"

Mounting method

Clamp method (split core)

Specific error on current load

±0.5% of RD (20%≤In≤100%)

Phase difference on current load

±90’ (20% In) ±90’ (100% In)

Withstand voltage

2300 VAC for 1 minute (across core and output lead)

Insulation resistance

500 VDC/100 MΩ or more (across core and output lead)

Protective element

Internal clamp element

Environmental resistance

Ambient temperature

−10°C to +55°C 14 to 131°F (no freezing)

Relative humidity

35%RH to 85%RH (no condensation)




Approx. 140 g 4.94 oz (including cable)

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