Safety Light Curtain

SL-C series

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This product has been discontinued.

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Peripheral/Optional Devices

Wide Range of Safety Light Curtain Peripheral and Optional Equipment

SL-R11E Series Transistor Output Unit

Transistor Output Unit

Solid State Safety Outputs
Non-contact safety outputs for high frequency switching applications

Power Reset Input
External input can be used to restart power to the safety system after lockout

Quick Disconnects
Saves time when connecting SL-C family light curtains to the output unit

MPCE Monitor Function (EDM)
Monitors the status of external force-guided relays (required for Category 3 and 4 systems)

E-Stop Inputs
Directly wiring the E-Stop (Dual Channel, N.C. contacts) to the output unit saves time

New Non-contact Outputs

Non-contact Safety Output

Non-contact Safety Output

Conventional relay units require regular maintenance of relays since they have mechanical contacts. The SL-R11E requires no maintenance of relays as it employs PNP open collector outputs as the safety output.

Non-contact Output for Active Monitor

Non-contact Output for Active Monitor

Both NPN and PNP outputs are equipped for the non-safety output (AUX), allowing the user to choose the appropriate output without having to purchase a separate unit.

Emergency Stop Button Input

Emergency Stop Button Input Available

The E-STOP input cuts down on external components as well as labor required for system wiring, helping to trim the overall project cost.

Application Unit: SL-R12EX

Application Unit: SL-R12EX

When the SL-R12EX is connected, the following functions are available.
• Muting
• Fixed Blanking
• Floating Blanking

SL-M Series Corner Mirror

Mirror unit

The SL-M is a corner mirror unit that can be used with a Safety Light Curtain to create multiple safety zones. Installation is simple and the need for additional light curtains eliminated.

SL-R12D Muting Lamp and Status Indicator

The SL-R12D can easily be connected to the SL-R12EX with a single connector cable.The status of the SL-R11's relays for the light curtains can be displayed. When using the Muting function, the display can be used as a muting indicator.

Status display table

Status display

Edge to edge bracket. Safety light curtain option

Edge-to-Edge bracket (OP-42370)

The SL-C is held in place from the sides of the frame, not with brackets installed at both ends of the device as with conventional models. This approach eliminates the space loss that is inevitably caused by conventional brackets. The mounting mechanism allows rotation for the fine-tuning of beam axis alignment and enables the beam axes to be installed diagonally.

L-shaped mounting bracket. Safety light curtain option.

L-shaped mounting bracket (OP-42371)

Applications requiring that safety light curtains be installed in L- or U-shaped configurations are becoming increasingly common as part of efforts to improve equipment safety and ease of operation. The problem posed by such installations is the irregular beam axis interval variations that occur where the two safety light curtains meet. By using the specially designed L-shaped mounting bracket, you can avoid this irregularity and easily maintain a uniform beam axis interval of 20 mm.

Normal A, B, and C mounting brackets with rotating mechanisms

In addition to the E-to-E bracket and L-shaped mounting bracket, KEYENCE also offers 3 types of mounting brackets with rotating mechanisms that are popular with the PJ-V Series. Using a combination of these 3 brackets allows the SL-C Series to be used with mounting holes originally intended for KEYENCE PJ-V Series area sensors and other manufacturer's light curtains.

Rotation bracket. Safety light curtain option.

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