Digital Fiber Optic Sensors

FS-V20 series

Dual Digital Display Fiber Optic Sensors

Longer Detecting Distance in Harsh Environments.

The World's First Dual Digital Display Monitor

Dual digital display amplifier

View present and current values

Preset Value and Current Value

Preset Value can be changed while monitoring the amount of light received.

Hold function for simultaneous peak/bottom value display

Peak Value and Bottom Value

The Hold function makes it possible to simultaneously display both peak and bottom values.

Industry's Highest Speed and Accuracy

Provides a wider range of applications with the industry's highest response speed of 50μs.

High speed response

High Resolution Mode with No Saturation at Close Proximity

The FS-V20's high-resolution mode expands the maximum light received level to 65,520 from the conventional 4,095 for sensing close targets. (Patent pending.)

High resolution mode

Industry's Most Powerful LED Beam & Detecting Distance

High power enables the FS-V20 to provide reliable detection in all environments where thin fibers are used, even in poor or deteriorating conditions.
4 times the power of conventional fiber optic sensors

Fiber optic sensor with 4 times the power

A sensing distance of 1500mm is achieved by the standard FU-7F Thrubeam Fiber Unit.

Simple Control and Display

The FS-V20 was designed in pursuit of higher functionality and performance while maintaining simple control and display features. KEYENCE's long history of fiber optic sensor development enabled us to give the FS-V20 an exquisite balance of easy-to-use controls and features.

Stable Detection Over a Long Lifetime

Provided with two new features for stable, high-precision detection. It is essential for fiber optic sensors to be able to maintain stable light emissions for long periods of time. Fluctuations or decreased light emissions over a long period may compromise high precision detection. The FS-V20's 4-element red LED and S-APC function solve these problems where conventional sensors fail.

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