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Manual-Calibration Fiberoptic Sensor

FS-V/T/M series

FS-M1 Series Amplifier

Manual Calibration Sensors. FS-M1(P)/M1H/M2(P)/M0

FS-M1 Manual calibration amplifier

Easy to see Sensitivity Indicator

An easy-to-see indicator is added to an 8-turn trimmer. The indicator shows the sensitivity setting at a glance, allowing anyone to easily check the setting.

Interference Prevention

8 fiber units can reliably detect in close proximity. In TURBO MODE, up to 8 fiber units can be used side-by-side without mutual interference. (Up to four fiber units can be used if using both TURBO MODE and FINE MODE.)

Two great features in one amplifier

1. Ultra-fine adjustment
FINE MODE reliably detects minute height or color differences.

2. Ultra long range
TURBO MODE has twice the detecting distance of conventional models.

Turbo mode doubles the beam power

FINE MODE for precise detection and TURBO MODE for long-distance detection
The FS-M series is built for use in harsh environments while enabling minute adjustments for accurate target detection. Just move the switch to select the modes.

In FINE MODE, the FS-M offers the same detecting distance as conventional high-power models, about 1.5 times that of other amplifiers. In TURBO MODE, it offers twice the detecting distance of FINE MODE.

High-speed response of 20 ┬Ás

The new FS-M1H has a response time more than 10 times faster than the FS-M. (20us) This enables detection on high-speed lines or for high-speed counting.

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