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Smart camera Standard model Color AF type IV3-500CA

IV3-500CA - Smart camera Standard model Color AF type

  • CE Marking
  • CSA





Standard type

Installed distance

50 to 2000 mm 1.97" to 78.74"


Available modes

Standard mode / Sorting mode

Tool with standard mode

Learning, Outline, Color area*1, Area*2, Edge pixels, Color average*1, Brightness average*2, Width, Diameter, Edge presence, Pitch,
OCR, Color prohibit*3, Brightness prohibit, Position adjustment, High-speed position adjustment (1-axis edge/2-axis edge), Blob count

Number of tools

Total: 17 tools*4

Field of view

Installed distance 50 mm 1.97" : 22 (H) × 16 (V) mm 0.87" (H) × 0.63" (V) to
Installed distance 2000 mm 78.74" : 789 (H) × 592 (V) mm 31.06" (H) × 23.31" (V)

Switch settings (programs)

128 programs (when using SD card) / 32 programs (when not using SD card)

Image receiving element


1/2.9 inch
color CMOS

Number of pixels

1280 (H) × 960 (V)

Image history

Number of storable images

100 images*5

Save conditions

Selectable between NG only, NG and OK near threshold*6, and All*5

Focus adjustment


Image data transfer

Transfer destination

Selectable between SD card, FTP server and SFTP server

Transfer format

Selectable between bmp, jpeg, iv3p, and txt, and file names can be modified

Transfer conditions

Selectable between NG only, NG and OK near threshold*7, and All

Exposure time

12 μs to 10 ms

Analysis information

RUN display

Tools list (Judgment results, degree of similarity, or degree of similarity bar display)*7

RUN information

Switchable between OFF, histogram, processing time, count, and output monitor
Histogram: Histogram, degree of similarity (Max., Min., Ave.), Number of OKs, Number of NGs
Processing time: Processing time (latest, Max., Min., Ave.)
Count: Trigger numbers, Number of OKs, Number of NGs, Trigger errors, Strobe errors
Output monitor: ON/OFF status by output



White LED

Lighting method

Pulse lighting/ continuously lighting is switchable.

Other functions

Image capture function

Digital zoom (2×, 4×), HDR, High gain, Color filter*1, White balance*1, Brightness correction, AI capture

Tool functions

Additional learning, Mask outline, Masking function, Color extraction/exclusion*1, Color histogram function*1, Monochrome histogram function*2, Scaling function


Failing sensor list, Failure hold, Test run, I/O monitor, Security settings (Two-factor password), Simulator*8, Additional FTP/SFTP Image Information,
Multi-position adjustment, Multi-master image registration, High-speed program switching, Auto program switching





Switchable between non-voltage input and voltage input
For no-voltage input: ON voltage 2 V or lower, OFF current 0.1 mA or lower, ON current 2 mA (short circuit)
For voltage input: Maximum input rating 26.4 V, ON voltage 18 V or higher, OFF current 0.15 mA or lower, ON current 2 mA (for 24 V)

Number of inputs

6 ports, 3 ports are selectable as IN/OUT


IN1: External trigger,
IN2, IN3, I/O1 to I/O3: Enable by assigning optional functions
Assignable functions: Program switching, Clear error, External master image registration, SD card save cancel



Photo MOS relay output, N.O./N.C. Switchable
Maximum rating 26.4 V 50 mA, residual voltage 1.5 V or less*9

Number of outputs

6 ports, 3 ports are selectable as IN/OUT


Enable by assigning the optional functions
Assignable functions: Total judgment (OK/NG), Run, Busy, Position adjustment result, Judgment result of each tool, Result of the logical operation of each tool,
Error, SD card error, Variety discrimination result



M12 12 pin A code Male connector


PoE power Class 3/4/6*10





M12 8 pin X code Female connector

Network function

FTP client, SFTP client

Interface compatibility

Built-in Ethernet

EtherNet/IP™, TCP/IP non-procedure communication

Expanded memory

microSD card (microSD/microSDHC)*11


Power voltage

24 VDC ±10% (including ripple)

Current consumption

3.3 A or less (without the AI Lighting unit, and including the output load)
1.8 A or less (AI Lighting unit, and including the output load)*12

Environmental resistance

Enclosure rating


Ambient temperature

0 to +40°C 32 to 104°F (No freezing)

Relative humidity

35 to 85% RH (No condensation)

Vibration resistance

10 to 55 Hz; double amplitude 1.5 mm 0.06"; 2 hours in each of the X, Y, and Z directions*14

Shock resistance

500 m/s2, 1640'/s2 6 times in each of the 3 directions*14


Main unit case: Aluminum die-casting
Indicator light cover: TPU
Ethernet connector: Copper alloy + Ni plating
Front cover: Acrylic (hard coating)
Power connector: PA/POM
Nameplate: PC
Water proof cap for the Power connector: PC+ABS alloy
Water proof cap for the Ethernet connector: PC


Approx. 300 g 10.59 oz (without the AI Lighting unit)
Approx. 495 g 17.47 oz (with the AI Lighting unit)

*1 Color type only.
*2 Monochrome type only.
*3 The focusing position can be automatically adjusted at the time of installation. Disabled during operation. The focusing position can be registered by programs.
*4 Tools can be installed by programs. This is the number of detection tools and position adjustment tools. Up to 16 detection tools can be set. The number of detection tools in Sorting mode is one tool (learning tool).
*5 Saves to the sensor's internal memory. The images saved to the sensor can be backed up to a USB memory stick inserted into the control panel (IV3-CP50) or to the PC where the software for the IV3 Series (IV3-H1) is being used.
*6 Learning tool only.
*7 Can also be displayed on the control panel (IV3-CP50) or the software for the IV3 Series (IV3-H1).
*8 Usable on the software for the IV3 Series (IV3-H1).
*9 Make sure to keep a total of each output with 120 mA or less.
*10 For a PoE power supply device, IEEE802.3at power class 4 or higher is recommended when using the AI Lighting unit, and IEEE802.3bt power class 6 or higher is recommended when the AI Lighting unit is not used. When using a device with less than the recommended power class, operation may be restricted due to power limitation.
*11 Use only products recommended by KEYENCE.
*12 The peak current is designed to be smaller if the AI Lighting unit is mounted. The peak current is greater if the AI Lighting unit is not mounted
*13 Except when the polarizing filter (OP-88640/OP-88641/OP-88644/OP-88645) is mounted.
*14 Except when the dome attachment (IV3-D10) is mounted.

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