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High Power & High Quality

Ultra-High Speed, Sheath-Sensing Ionizer

World's fastest static elimination

Static elimination capacity is powerful not only with compressed air but also when there is no downflow.
(※KEYENCE comparison as of December 2007 using a corona discharge type static elimination bar)

Industry's best maintenance saving performance

Maintenance work can be drastically reduced without sacrificing elimination speed or ion balance.

Smallest body in its class

Effective for applications with limited space and for weight reduction of existing systems.

Industry's smallest air flow, the Sheath Air Guide offers energy-saving effects

A small volume of air flow effectively reduces both running costs and particles adhering to the electrodes.

Highest static elimination capacity in the industry

Conventional model / I.R.G. structure

The I.R.G. (Insert Ring Ground) structure provides the world's-highest static elimination speed.

The SJ Series bar-type adopts the I.R.G. structure that incorporates the GND plate essential for ion generation into the ionizer body. This GND plate is externally mounted on conventional models.
The I.R.G. structure directs the flow of generated ions toward the target object, instead of toward the GND plate. This structure increases the quantity of ions applied to the target, providing static elimination speed five times faster than conventional models.

Static elimination area comparison chart

The newly developed I.R.G. structure expands the static elimination area (two times larger than that of conventional models).

With the ring-shaped design of the built-in GND plate, the SJ Series bar type can radiate a uniform electric field in a ring pattern. Since the ions spread along the electric field, a circular, wide static elimination area can be provided. This feature is effective for applications that require wide area static elimination.

Dual I.C.C. method

Dual I.C.C. (Dual Ion Current Control) system enables optimum static elimination.

The dual I.C.C. system is further advanced from the conventionally proven I.C.C. system found in other KEYENCE models. The SJ Series bar-type static eliminators adopt a dual I.C.C. system that can change the applied voltage in addition to the variable pulse width, thus providing more flexible control of ion generation level per unit time.
This system enables optimum static elimination relative to a change in the ambient environment (temperature, humidity, etc.) and the electrode probe condition.