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          High-Performance Micro Static Eliminators

          SJ-M series

          Options for a Flexible Design

          Suitable for pinpoint, high-pressure air purging static elimination

          Selectable nozzles Intermediate adaptor (Straight) Intermediate adaptor (L-type) Applications
          Flat nozzle Nozzle adaptor SJ-MS1 Nozzle adaptor SJ-ML1 Suitable for wide- angle, widearea static elimination
          Flat diffusion nozzle Nozzle adaptor SJ-MS2 Nozzle adaptor SJ-ML2 Suitable for wide- angle, widearea static elimination by changing the angle and direction
          Threaded tube nozzle Nozzle adaptor SJ-MS3 Nozzle adaptor SJ-ML3 suitable for pin-point static elimination in limited space
          2-way threaded tube nozzle Nozzle adaptor SJ-MS4 Nozzle adaptor SJ-ML4 suitable for pin-point static elimination over multiple locations
          L-type nozzle Nozzle adaptor SJ-ML suitable for static elimination by changing static elimination angle and direction
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