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          Ultra-Compact Digital Barcode Reader

          BL-1300 series

          Advanced Functions in Models Designed for Ease-of-Use

          Ultra-Compact Digital Barcode Readers

          Auto-trigger Mode [NEW]

          Auto-trigger Mode

          Monitors the received light intensity of an internal laser sensor to determine if the product is present or absent. Automatically detects and reads the target workpiece when it is placed in the scan area, with no need to install timing sensors or use serial commands.

          Preset/Comparison Function [NEW]

          Preset/Comparison Function

          Compares the read barcode data with barcode data stored internally on the BL (preset data), and outputs a match PASS or FAIL. In environments supporting multi-I/O functions, you can quickly register a new preset code by sending an input signal to the reader.

          Barcode Position Detection Function [NEW]

          Barcode Position Detection Function

          Checks the left/right edge positions of the read barcode labels, and appends edge position data when outputting the code information. An output terminal can be set to turn ON when read data is out of the set edge range, providing status information before reading fails completely.

          Synthesized Barcode Reading Function [NEW]

          Synthesized Barcode Reading Function

          When a barcode is damaged by scratches or dirt, or enters the read area at an angle, this function reads the barcode data by synthesizing a barcode from a combination of laser scans

          Supports GS1 Databar (RSS) Barcodes [NEW]

          Supports GS1 Databar (RSS) Barcodes

          The BL-1300 Series can read GS1 DataBar (RSS) barcodes, which can express the same quantity of data in a smaller space.

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