Vision Sensor with Built-in AI IV3 series

New Ultimate Flexibility for Mistake and Error Proofing in Manufacturing

  • AI-based imaging and detection for easy usability
  • long range detection over a wide field of view
  • Narrow Space

IV3 series - Vision Sensor with Built-in AI

Differing from conventional models, the IV3 Series Vision Sensor with Built-in AI automatically determines imaging conditions and detection conditions with its AI specifically designed for presence and difference checking. Installation and operation are simple: just determine the part to focus on and register a minimum of one OK and one NG image. No specialized knowledge or extensive time and effort for setup are required. The all-in-one design includes a lens and illumination, eliminating the need to select these devices and allowing for immediate finalization of detection results with no adverse effects from ambient light. Setting operations are performed using a small amplifier with a built-in high-performance CPU, eliminating the need for a separate high-performance PC. The ultra-compact head supports an extensive range of installation distances from 50 to 3000 mm, and the maximum field of view of 2730 × 2044 mm allows for detections from extremely wide angles, enabling a wide variety of applications.