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          Lenses (for Machine Vision)

          CA-L series

          • Vibration-resistant Lens

          Vibration-resistant Lens

          CA-LHxG Series

          Strong vibration resistance together with ease of use

          The industry’s first fixed aperture replacement method By using fixed apertures, we have eliminated the problem of foreign contamination occurring due to the aperture drive section rubbing against another surface when the lens is subjected to vibrations. At the same time, the ability to replace aperture plates ensures support for different situations. Because the aperture values are fixed, it is easy to ensure that multiple units all use the same F-stop.

          Fixing the focus with the red ring

          After adjusting the lens extending amount, use the red ring to fix the focus. The construction of this fixing section differs from the pinpoint operation of a screw and performs fixing with a wide area, which makes it difficult for looseness to occur. The sufficient focus adjustment width enables both a minimum working distance of 0.1 m 0.3' and ease of use.


          Low Distortion Lens









          Vibration-resistant models

          Compatible image sensor size


          Focal point

          8 mm 0.315"

          12 mm 0.472"

          16 mm 0.63"

          25 mm 0.98"

          35 mm 1.38"

          50 mm 1.97"

          F-stop range (aperture)




          Minimum WD

          0.1 m 0.3'*2

          0.15 m 0.5'*2

          0.2 m 0.7'*2

          Resolving power

          100 cycles/mm (center), 80 cycles/mm (periphery)

          Filter size

          27.0 mm 1.06" P0.5

          TV distortion

          -0.6 % (-0.28 %)*3

          -0.07 % (-0.04 %)*3

          -0.05 % (-0.1 %)*3

          -0.04 % (-0.02 %)*3

          -0.2 % (-0.05 %)*3

          -0.03 % (-0.01 %)*3



          Environmental resistance

          Ambient temperature

          0 to +50 °C 32 to 122 °F

          Relative humidity

          35 to 80 % RH (No condensation)


          Approx. 78 g

          Approx. 65 g

          Approx. 66 g

          Approx. 73 g

          Approx. 62 g

          Approx. 76 g

          *1 The vibration-resistant types are designed to have their apertures replaced. When shipped, the OPEN aperture is attached to the lens, so replace this with one of the other included apertures (F4, F8, or F16) as necessary. To use the f-stop (aperture) in the OPEN mode, use the lens without removing the OPEN aperture.
          *2 Installing the lens at a distance from the target shorter than the minimum working distance listed in the specifications makes it very likely that the lens will drop out due to vibrations. If the lens is installed in such a position, implement separate countermeasures to prevent the lens from dropping out.
          *3 This indicates the specification for the compatible image sensor size. The value in parentheses applies to a 1/3" image sensor size.

          • Vibration-resistant Lens

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