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          Intuitive Vision System

          CV-X series

          Position/Dimension Measurement


          Measures up to 5000 points within one region

          This tool detects up to 5000 edges/edge widths within the inspection region and outputs their positions/widths. In addition to all the edge data; maximum/minimum/average widths, tip position, and peak-to-peak width can be measured without complicated calculations. It is also possible to find a best fit circle or line from the information of the detected edge points.

          Dimension measurement for a bolt

          Dimension measurement for a bolt

          Capable of measuring the maximum diameter of a bolt or the core diameter of a screw thread.

          Displays edges detected for each segment and outputs the results separately.

          Detects the maximum diameter.

          Edge intensity graphs can be checked for each segment, enabling proper setting.

          Best Fit LINE

          Best FitE LINE

          Best Fit CIRCLE

          Best Fit CIRCLE


          High-precision dimension inspection can be done intuitively through simple point and click operations

          In most cases, dimension/geometric measurement with image processing requires multiple tools and complicated calculation processing. With the CV-X Series, dimensions/geometry tools can be done with an easy point and click method. Points and straight line information from other tools can also be referenced, it is therefore possible to construct programs that are simple and easy to operate.


          Combination of multiple settings and calculations are required

          Create settings that will detect a line in the left area

          Create settings that will detect a line in the top area

          Calculate intersecting coordinates between 2 lines with the calculation function


          Settings completed by simply pointing and clicking with the mouse

          Select the feature to be executed.

          Specify the target lines by clicking on the feature.

          It is also possible to reference coordinates, circles, or lines from other tools that have already been created!

          • New Function: LumiTrax


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