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          Intuitive Vision System

          CV-X series

          User Interface

          No complicated customisation is required Just select, quick start

          The CV-X 100 Series now makes it easy to create customized screens. Instead of the tedious process with other systems, this system has built-in custom screen templates to choose from. This is also true for the custom menus, in which the system simply allows you to star what should be added to the custom menu.

          Multi-language input system incorporated

          Ten languages supported

          The character input function supports the use of multiple languages at the same time. It is possible to perform direct input for each language separately for items such as tool names or the custom menu comments without having to switch the system language.

          The character string input on the controller also supports multiple languages

          A soft keyboard, that supports multiple languages, is displayed during entry.

          The Operation Screen Catalog includes many preset screen layouts to choose from

          The number of image displays can be selected and the available layouts are displayed with a description of each.


          Select an appropriate screen layout for the application.
          ● Display the current image with the latest NG image.
          ● Display images from multiple cameras on a single display.
          ● Display an image that automatically zooms in on the NG-judged area.
          ● Display reference images so the current image can be compared to the one at the time of initial setting.
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          • New Function: LumiTrax


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