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Flexible inspection tools

Seamless development, enabling fast powerful yet efficient application solutions

The XG Vision Editor is specialized PC software that can be used to construct image processing solutions, create custom user interfaces , debug programs and simulate the programs all in one package. The PC software does not use any specialized programming language, all operations are conducted in an easy to understand GUI environment. The simple drag-and-drop method enables complex processing to be easily developed in minimal time. Due to the incorporation of debugging tools that simultaneously discover errors (both static and dynamic) that occur during development, man-hours dedicated to debugging have been dramatically reduced. All in all, the overall time between program construction and deployment have been substantially reduced. By focusing on the optimization of the tools required for providing a solution which is the core of image processing inspections, KEYENCE has set the bar for machine vision development efficiency.

[1] Flowchart view

Debugging is easy as errors are highlighted and the usage of variables can be easily seen.
By dragging-and-dropping processing units from the parts list into this section, you can easily construct an image processing flowchart.

[2] Resource display

Shows the resources used in different areas of the controller from the settings made.

[3] Parts list

Lists everything all the way from inspection tools such as edge detection and pattern matching, to control processing such as condition branching timers and loops. By dragging-and-dropping items from this list to the flowchart, the image processing flowchart can be easily constructed.

[4] Simulation tool bar

Simulations can be run from images taken from a connected controller, held on a PC or across a network. Options for continuous program operation, step by step or a single iteration are possible too.

[5] Vision window

In addition to displaying captured images and setting up GUI, you can confirm in real-time the processing results of filters or inspections tools

[6] Unit results

All aspects of result and measurement data from units and variables can be viewed here. The unit results section is also equipped with a watch view allowing the display of only the variables or measurement values you wish to see. Helping allow for easy confirmation and analysis of results. In the unit results you can also conduct editing of the variables making dialing in and changes very easy.

Screen Editor - Easy creation of the controller display screen and operating interface

A unique display screen configured to your needs and desires can be easily created by dragging, dropping and resizing different components from the parts list. By being able to use and configure many components such as BMP images, graphics, text, measurement value and camera images the screen can be designed with the operator in mind. Up to 100 different screens can be created per program for full customization to any process. Screens and components can be easily displayed and switched between, not only via external inputs, but also based on image processing results or settings.

Screen Editor

1D & 2D Code Reader

Simultaneously achieves reading and inspection

The inclusion of 1D & 2D code reading tools enable the XG Series to not only read codes but also perform vision based inspections on targets. By removing the need for both conventional 1D & 2D code readers and a camera for image processing, space, time and money can all be saved with the use of this tool.

Associate multiple inspections with product type based on identification.

Characterization Tool - Powerful unique inspection algorithm

Easily detect and classify targets based on greyscale information.

The characterization tool allows for targets to be identified and classified based on greyscale rather than binary data. This enables true characterization and filtering of detected targets based on true image data. Additional information for classifying and identifying defects that cannot be obtained through binary processing such as volume and level of change is also possible with this new tool.

Characterization Tool

Image Stitching

Joins multiple captured images and performs high-pixel inspection.
Achieves stable inspection with images of greater accuracy.

Up to 4 images are joined together to generate a single stitched image*. By performing inspection with stitched images, it is possible to achieve inspection of greater accuracy and in a wider area. This is also effective in cases where you wish to handle images that have been captured with multiple cameras using the same coordinates.

High-pixel inspection with 4x 5 million-pixel camera units

[Image Stitching Examples] Image stitching for images that have been captured with multiple cameras

By performing image stitching with images that have been captured with multiple cameras, it is possible generate images that appear as if they were captured with a single camera and then perform inspection. By stitching together 4 images that have been captured with a 5 million-pixel camera, it is possible to inspect images that have a maximum of 20 million pixels.
*Included with the XG-8700/XG-8700L only. It should be noted that this cannot be used with other controllers.

Crack detection of a tablet (after grouping filter)

Crack detection of a tablet (after grouping filter)

Filtering of defects down to long thin cracks only using area and axis ratio.

Width measurement of a solar battery cell

Width measurement of a solar battery cell

Improves problems where measurement results differ at the centre and edge of the screen due to the occurrence of lens distortion.

Stain detection on a plastic mould

Stain detection on a plastic mould

Automatic inspection region adjustment on complex shapes based on their binary image. Enabling stable detection on any target even without position adjustment.

Aluminum cast hole inspection

Aluminum cast hole inspection

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