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Doosan: Virtually Maintenance-Free Laser Marker


Doosan Portable Power is a market leading manufacturer of air compressors, lighting systems, and generators. They have a full range of mobile air compressors from 185-1600CFM. These durable, rugged, and versatile compressors have been tested to ensure high performance in the harshest conditions. Every compressor requires a rotor, and every rotor needs to be serialized - something Doosan previously did with a hand stamp.
After seeing a KEYENCE laser marker at the Fabtech tradeshow, Doosan reached out to have a live demonstration at their facility to see if it was a fit for their application. After seeing some test marks on their parts, Doosan saw that they could get exactly what they were looking for from the laser marker and purchased one. “In fact,” stated Jason Crooks, Doosan Manufacturing Engineer, “we are not using it to the most of its can do a whole lot more”.

One of the KEYENCE advantages that really stood out to Jason is the fact that the laser marker is virtually maintenance free. “It's very easy to learn the Marking Builder 3 Program. In the very beginning we used it to first program the parts. I haven't touched the laser marker since we put it into's pretty much plug and play for the operator”. KEYENCE's Marking Builder 3 software has an extremely user-friendly laser marking interface and mimics the latest Windows-style operating system.
The software requires minimal time to learn and KEYENCE offers a wide array of free services to ensure optimal product setup and use.

Another KEYENCE advantage of the laser marker is its built-in distance pointer. The distance pointer can adjust the laser's focal distance by +/- 21mm to ensure the laser is in proper focus. This positions the laser at the proper distance creating high-quality marks every time. The built-in distance pointer is very beneficial to Doosan, as they need to confirm the correct distance between their marking surface and the laser lens once it is inside the enclosure.

Shortly after purchasing the laser marker, Doosan realized they needed to measure the undercut of the rotor during the process, before any of their involved lines could begin production. They discovered they could achieve this using KEYENCE's high precision in-line profilometer, which was easily integrated into the same stand as the laser marker. Since both measurement and marking operations are done in the same place, Doosan is able to save time by having one operator manage both tasks. KEYENCE offers a wide range of automation equipment that can easily be integrated to fit the needs of any application.


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