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ProMATIC Automation: Built-in Cost Savings

Ethernet/IP® Communication/Tilt Correction

ProMATIC Automation, Inc. specializes in the design and build of custom factory automation equipment. They build custom machinery such as robots and assembly lines for automotive, medical, packaging, and food and beverage industries. ProMATIC is located in Fletcher, NC and fully equipped to handle all disciplines of the machine design and build process in a single location.

ProMATIC started using KEYENCE laser markers about 10-12 years ago. They have also been using other KEYENCE products including safety light curtains, vision systems, and barcode readers. Normally they will setup a KEYENCE laser marker and then have the mark verified with a KEYENCE barcode reader down the line.

The most important factor with any product ProMATIC uses, is the ability to set it up on their lines as quick and easy as possible. Clark Beard, a Controls Engineer at ProMATIC Automation, finds KEYENCE laser markers and software to be simple to use and get up and running quickly. The speed and marking quality of the laser marker is a critical factor for ProMATIC's customers and both of these are achieved with KEYENCE markers.

ProMATIC has utilized multiple KEYENCE advantages that provide built-in cost savings for their customers. They recently used the Ethernet/IP® connection on a laser marker installation and found it to be an easy-to-use feature and simple to setup. Clark has worked directly with KEYENCE technical support who guided him through step-by-step on how to set it up. ProMATIC has also found the tilt correction feature to be beneficial which allows marking on surfaces that are not perpendicular to the laser. They found this useful when marking on a part with a curved surface where a high-quality mark could not be achieved with a conventional laser marker.

ProMATIC appreciates the support with KEYENCE and states that it has been excellent. He said that whenever he has asked questions, he's gotten everything he has needed very quickly. The local rep comes in and trains them whenever requested.

When asked how KEYENCE has helped ProMATIC's business, Clark Beard responded: “We make money if we're fast. We have to make our customer happy, so if KEYENCE gives good support and a mark that makes our customer happy, then we get more business. We like to use KEYENCE because we will get the job done much quicker and thus make money.”


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