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Bar Code Reader Questions

BL Series
Q: Is it possible for the BL series to read reverse barcodes?
Yes, it is possible.

Q: What type of barcode is suitable for scanning moving targets? (Laser or CCD type)
Laser barcode code readers are most suitable for scanning moving targets?

Q: What is difference between single scan and raster scan barcode readers?
Laser barcode readers are classified into two types according to the method of laser scan. Single scan and raster scan. In single scan only one laser beam scans the barcode. On the other hand, multiple beams scan the barcode in raster scan mode.

Q: What is the advantage of having a raster scan barcode reader?
The advantage of the raster scan is that it increases the probability of an accurate read if there is a spot or void on the barcode or if it is mis-positioned, because several points are scanned simultaneously. If printed position of the barcode is poor, raster scan is recommended.

Q: How many symbologies can be read simultaneously with the BL series?
Up to 4 different symbologies can be read simultaneously.

Q: What is TEST1 mode?
A: TEST1 mode gives information on reading stability of the BL series as a percentage. The unit scans a barcode 100 times and analyzes how many times it can decode the scanned data. This mode is useful in the following cases:
· When adjusting the mounting distance and angle.
· When verifying the reading stability of the bar code to be used.

Q: What is TEST2 mode?
A: In this mode the unit counts how many scans can be decoded ( the decode count) while reading one bar code. This mode is useful when testing which line speed can be expected when actually implementing the BL-500 system in the line.

Q: What is the difference between ONE SHOT INPUT TIME and INPUT TIME ?
One shot input time lets user select duration for laser to remain on for reading bar code.
Input time lets the user select the amount of time delay before the laser turns on after receiving signal from the trigger sensor.

Q: What is AGC?
AGC stands for automatic gain control.

Q: What is the benefit of AGC function?
AGC regulates sensitivity of the receiving diode in the BL-700 series. When the barcode is too close to the barcode reader, the laser diode is flooded with light. On the other hand, when the barcode is on the extreme edge of reading range not enough light is reflected back into the receiving diode. AGC compensates for this increase or decrease in light quantity, thus making the reader more stable.

Q: What is SRC?
SRC stands for Specular Reflection Control.

Q: What is the benefit of SRC function?
SRC is an added feature to improve the functionality of AGC. When the laser beam from the barcode hits a metallic or mirrored surface, the strong reflected light affects automatic gain control adjustment. To reduce this phenomenon SRC has been incorporated in the BL-700 series.
When the reflected light over the given level is reflected back into the receiving diode, SRC cancels this reflected light and then turns AGC ON.

Q: Following is a list of readable and unreadable bar code colors:

Black bar on red label
Black bars on white label
Deep navy on white label
Deep green on white label
Blue bars on white label
Purple bar on yellow label
Red bar on white label
Black bar on blue label

Q: What are the different Read modes and what do they mean ?
There are 4 types of Read modes available for the BL series.
1) Single label read mode
2) Multi 1 mode
3) Multi 2 mode
4) Multi 3 mode

Single label read mode:
This is the simplest of all modes. In this mode BL can read 1 bar code during one trigger input signal.

Multi 1 mode:
In this mode BL can read multiple barcodes as long as the trigger input remains ON. The unit outputs the readout data as soon as it read the barcodes.

Multi 2 mode:
In this mode BL can read multiple barcodes as long as the trigger input remains on. The unit stores all the read out data in its buffer and outputs readout data when the trigger signal goes OFF.

Multi 3 mode:
In this mode BL can read up to 4 barcodes as long as the trigger signal is on. The units outputs read out data according to a specified sequence when the trigger input turns off. When up to 4 codes are in the laser beam's field, the unit can simultaneously read all of them.

Q: What is the buffer capacity of the BL series?
It is 400 bytes.

Q: Is it possible to use custom header and delimeter with the output data?
A: Yes, there is an option for customized commands.

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